Omnipoynt Solutions partners with businesses and governments in the (ADG) aerospace, defense and government markets to create and implement innovative, competitive strategies by providing management consulting and professional services by synchronizing three core pillars—business, government, and global—to sustain a competitive advantage, grow revenues and maximize profits, build long-term enterprise value, and meet pro-social goals. Headquartered in Washington DC, only minutes away from the Pentagon, U.S. Capitol and White House, and with a robust and respected Board of Advisors and affiliate partners throughout the globe, Omnipoynt Solutions is strategically positioned to help its clients meet their business goals.





Only a few times in modern history have there been such significant changes that affects an industry where new technologies and novel ways trigger a profound change in economic structure.  The First through Third Industrial Revolutions made major advancements in mechanical production, science, and digital. Each revolution brought major winners and losers. As a result, 88% of the original companies listed on the Fortune 500 list have now been replaced.  

Today, we are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution "4IR."  This shift will bring about major changes in society and business, again creating winners and losers.  Many companies today will not survive 4IR.  This revolution is characterized by automation and data exchange, and it includes genetic sequencing and editing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, VR/AR, miniaturized sensors, advanced robotics, autonomous vehicles, blockchain, advanced cellular, cyber-physical and 3D printing. 


The aerospace, defense, and government markets are primed for disruption in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  Opportunities exist for small and medium-sized business but without a strategy and a strong guiding partner, success will be difficult as these markets are extremely competitive, complex and regulated. Omnipoynt Solutions helps its clients create and implement sustainable, competitive strategies to win in the new economy. 



Omnipoynt Solutions listens to your needs and creates a customized engagement and specialized team to meet your goals. We help our clients create, capture and deliver value in the new economy. We do this by taking a multidisciplinary approach of combining three practice areas—business, government and global—to redefine problems outside of normal boundaries and reach solutions based on a new understanding of complex situations.  

We are not a large business strategy firm; we are not merely DC lobbyists; we do not simply view through the lenses of the U.S. We are business. We are government. We are global. We help companies thrive, not just survive.  


Omnipoynt Solutions services several specialized markets in the defense, aerospace and government services industry, including:

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