Management Consulting

Improve performance through analysis of organizational problems and development and implementation of best and innovative practices to achieve high-impact results for greater shareholder returns.  

Strategy and Competition

Create and implement sustainable, dynamic, and competitive business strategy in a global environment with a single goal—to outperform industry rivals and win. 

Business Development

Identify, develop and position customers, markets and relationships for a client's value capture.  Transition opportunities from business development to sales for increased revenue and profits. 


Create and implement processes to produce customer value and create profits through market assessment (3 Cs) and marketing programs (4 Ps), including strategy, content, branding and technology.

Government Relations

Advocate on behalf of our clients to promote and protect their interests by coordinating, communicating and educating government agencies, legislators and interest groups.  

Project Management

Full stage management of projects and programs with impeccable triple constraint effectiveness—scope, quality, and budget—for clients or their government customers. 

Advisory and Research

Provide insight, advice and tools through research and analysis of industry and marketplace intelligence decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Bids and Proposals

Proposal strategy creation, capture planning and development; full blue team to white glove review. Mobilization of the program management office and start-up team for win implementation.

Special Projects

Design and execute a full range of sensitive, confidential and complicated business tasks deemed to be of strategic importance with discretion, professionalism and efficacy.

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